Your consultant in management, waste and concrete industrie


We have a lot of experience in international project development and start up new business. Avemco is setting up new projects for waste producers, waste pre-treatment facilities or business in building materials.

  • Designing and setting up a production-treatment line
  • Contacts with several equipment producers to build a complete line
  • Follow up of project
  • Setting up procedure for governmental subsidies
  • Market study for income waste streams
  • Market study for output waste streams
  • Contracting income and/or output waste streams
  • Setting up business plan for new project


Are you looking for extra volumes to turn your installation on full capacity? Do you want to explore a new market? Do you want to import from other regions? 

  • Market studies
  • Explore export possibilities
  • Detect import possibilities
  • Looking for new types of streams


Do you have a difficult waste stream that has not find a circular solution? Do you want to explore an outlet solution in other countries?


  • Finding solutions for difficult waste streams
  • Looking for outlets in a international contest


Do you need extra help in a new project. We can set up the project from A to Z. This can be done in an international contest.

  • Optimizing and implementing a project
  • Setting up a commercial activity
  • Technical advice and engineering
  • Looking for outlets
  • Help with business plan
  • Follow up investment
  • Contact with autorithies


Helping by the commercial development of your activities in waste, construction and concrete production.

  • Market studies
  • Looking for local partners
  • Setting up a commercial team
  • Participating on fairs and conventions


During a lot of our missions we worked for cement production units or readymix/concrete product plants. The use of materials out of the circular economics into cement and concrete will be common use into the future, we can help you to start up.

- contacts with suppliers and customers

- setting up circular economics in your production plant

- use of alternative granulates and additives